I am a mom of two grownish boys, and a lovely daughter in law. When my boys were young and even in their adolescence I was in school for a bachelor’s for nutrition, while working full time and serving the state of Minnesota in the MN Air National Guard. I am now a graduate, and a woman veteran who recently joined a veteran hockey league at the age of 40+… (I just need to learn to stop… baby steps right?)

I use my kitchen as a place to relieve stress, and try new skills if I am feeling like a boost of confidence is what I need. If I have person to prepare the food for its even better for me. I don’t make many fancy meals and most of our meals are without recipes, though when I bake I love recipes… something healing in measuring flour and boiling sugar.

I believe cake is for almost any occasion. There is almost always a reason to celebrate and cake is for celebrating. Things I have celebrated with cake: birthdays (obviously), weddings, dinner made, graduation, a paper written, the end of a semester, the beginning of the semester, a difficult decision made, a break up, a new life, a new living location, a new job, getting through a bad day at work, and many more.

I would love to be your friend in the kitchen, without judgement and just meeting you where you are in your kitchen journey, or maybe just to help you “re-purpose” your kitchen, learn a new gadget, and just be support and cheer you on. I look forward to hearing about your challenges.